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Cap and trade bill remains shrouded in secrecy

Despite the formal introduction of legislative concepts last week, Oregonians and businesses still have few specific details on the cap and trade bill expected to be considered in the 2019 session. A draft of the bill was not included among the thousands of bills...

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Cap and Trade
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Guest Opinion: Protect pulp mills in cap and trade bill

The pulp and paper industry is a major driver of Oregon’s economy – particularly in the rural communities where mills provide more than 4,000 jobs and in excess of $1.5 billion in local economic activity. These jobs aren’t in Oregon’s largest towns. Some may have only...

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Union President: Cap-and-trade bill will cost local jobs

As the president of the United Steel Workers, Local Union 1097, I work alongside 600 hardworking union members at Georgia-Pacific’s Wauna paper mill. We are proud of what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We work in facilities that were green before being green...

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Mail Tribune: Op-ed by Ron Bjork | A failed experiment

My family has been farming in Jackson County for 59 years. Our connection to the land and community in which we live runs deep. Farmers are the original environmentalists. We manage our fields and pasture to last for generations and guarding against overdevelopment....

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