Rural communities will bear the brunt of the cost if cap and trade becomes law.

Lawmakers in the Oregon State Legislature are meeting this fall to consider adopting a new law called “cap and trade,” which is intended to reduce our state’s greenhouse gas emissions. While the goal is one we can all support, this solution will harm rural areas and fail to help the environment. As a fourth-generation family farmer in Lane County who cares deeply about the environment and my community, I will be actively opposing the effort.

Cap and trade is a scheme that levies a tax on Oregonians based on their greenhouse gas emissions. It does not require you to reduce emissions; it simply taxes you on them. The money raised — up to $700 million annually in a recent version of the bill — will go to fund a wide range of politicians’ pet projects. The tax itself will be set by unelected bureaucrats who can raise it at any time without a vote of the legislature. Cap and trade amounts to a big, complicated government program designed to raise money under the guise of combating climate change.

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