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Poll Results: Majority of Oregonians Oppose Cap and Trade

A majority of Oregonians oppose cap-and-trade. That’s according to a survey of 500 Oregonians conducted during the final week of the 2019 legislative session. The poll revealed that 53% of Oregonians oppose the carbon policy, with 45% of participants saying they were...

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Cap and Trade Bill Includes Unnecessary Emergency Clause

The newly amended version of HB 2020 unveiled last week included too many changes to count, many technical or semantic and some that are consequential to Oregon manufacturers. Unfortunately, the amendment retained one of the most indefensible provisions in the last...

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Cap and Trade Amendment Fails to Address Key Concerns

On Monday, lawmakers released their much anticipated amendment to the cap and trade bill. The amendment is supposedly the result of hours of public testimony lawmakers received during hearings held in the Capitol and in communities across the state. Unfortunately, the...

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Five Things We Learned From The Cap And Trade Road Show

Lawmakers on the Joint Carbon Reduction Committee spent the last two weeks on the road listening to comments from Oregonians on the cap-and-trade proposal introduced in HB 2020. They visited Springfield, Medford, The Dalles and Bend and took remote testimony from...

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When You Hurt Manufacturers, You Weaken Oregon’s Economy

Implementing a cap-and-trade program in Oregon will hurt Oregon’s manufacturing employers and put thousands of jobs at risk. Even proponents largely acknowledge this fact, though they offer solace to the Oregonians who will lose jobs through various messages: Some...

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Price Increases from Cap and Trade Would Hurt Oregonians

If you want to know how much Oregon’s proposed cap-and-trade bill, House Bill 2020, will cost you, keep a calculator handy. In hearings before the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction, much of the testimony has detailed the likelihood of significant price increases....

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Why Oregon Farmers and Ranchers Oppose the Cap and Trade Bill

House Bill 2020 Does Not Work for Oregon Agriculture Oregon’s agricultural sector is committed to natural resources stewardship and sustainability; we are part of the solution to atmospheric CO2. Oregon already is a leader in building one of the cleanest economies in...

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Cap and Trade is About the Money, Not the Climate

What defines the “success” of cap and trade? According to this LA Times article,it’s how much money the program raises – which is the key metric on which Oregon politicians are focused. It’s certainly not the program’s track record for reducing carbon emissions, as...

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