About the Partnership for Oregon Communities

Partnership for Oregon Communities is a collaboration of farmers, employers, and local leaders committed to the joint goal of environmental protection and economic opportunity.  Quality of life can be defined in many ways. For most of Oregon it means having access to a living wage job, affordable housing, and a safe community with good schools where you can raise a family.  This is how we build community, which allows us to address challenges cooperatively and creatively.

The balance between environmental protection and economic opportunity cannot be disrupted without jeopardizing community. We believe the best environmental solutions come through collaboration at the grassroots level, not through complicated and costly bureaucracies. The latter will limit investment in communities that desperately need access to jobs; the former is essential to progress because it builds trust and makes stakeholders a partner in outcomes.

Partnership for Oregon Communities is committed to finding positive solutions to address environmental challenges. We will vigorously challenge solutions we feel limit opportunities for Oregon communities and families to thrive in every corner of our state.